Case Study: How to Differentiate in a Noisy Marketplace.

The term artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming commonplace in marketing circles. It's a buzzword thrown around willy-nilly. It sometimes feels as though businesses are talking about AI simply to ride the current wave of interest without having a great deal to say.

What if your business had something truly groundbreaking to shout about?

Is it possible to distance yourself from the noise?



The Growth Consultancy was approached by a leading healthcare data analytics company to provide guidance around the go to market strategy for their newly developed suite of AI-powered analytics tools.

After significant investment in the new tools, the business needed to develop sales and marketing messaging and establish how the tools would bolster the business’ wider proposition.



The first step was to define their ideal customers. Using a combination of desk research and insight from client teams we started to profile customer’s key challenges, metrics for success and possible barriers to purchase at each stage the drug development lifecycle. In parallel with this exercise, we mapped each of the product’s key benefits in relation to solving client challenges and creating value.

The information from both of these exercises was mapped to find the points that 'click' between how the products create value and the challenges/goals potential customers use to measure success.

Once we’ve established fit, the information is fed into a matrix to start prototyping messaging and positioning. Competitor messaging is also referenced at this point to ensure we're distancing ourselves from their language and aide with differentiation. The first draft is shared internally for feedback and initial sense check. Three rounds of revisions and improvements are made before we can move onto testing.

The new messaging was built into print advertising, digital display and content marketing initiatives and different versions were tested for effectiveness. This led to revisions and helped focus the benefits of the new tools into the business’ wider proposition.



Checking back in with the client 6 months after completing the project and the new messaging is integrated across the business and its marketing activity and they are starting to see results.


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