New business expertise for independent creative agencies.

Why we exist

The Growth Consultancy helps independent creative agencies transform new business performance. 

Our clients are united by their ambition to move onto their next phase of growth.

First, we identify the existing barriers to new business success. We use these insights to establish a new way forward.

To ensure successful change, we work with our clients to develop the tools, processes and positioning to successfully implement the new plan.

We have developed our processes for over a decade and have experience in every creative discipline.

The Growth Consultancy is led by James Porteous-Butler. James has been helping agencies attract and win more clients for over 15 years.

Typical challenges we solve

What are we selling?

Effectively articulating your agency positioning and clarifying a point of difference is the starting point of any new business journey. The Growth Consultancy helps identify your prospect’s pain points and establish how your agency uniquely solves these issues. We then compellingly express these values ready for your market.

How do we sell and where do we start?

You may be a new agency looking at sales for the first time or a more established organisation looking to capitalise on a period of organic growth. We work with you to get your business ready for market, arming you with tools and knowledge required to start winning new clients.

How do we identify new revenue streams?

The Growth Consultancy can help your agency identify new sectors and customer segments by repositioning existing or creating new services.

Marketing – where do I start?

The delineation between sales and marketing continues to blur. Now, more than ever, the two must work together to achieve the best results. The Growth Consultancy works with agencies to understand and activate the channels at their disposal.


A compelling positioning is central to the success of any agency. It transcends new business and is typically the starting point of our client engagements. Our unique approach identifies the point at which your client's needs and your agency's capabilities intersect.

Location. Your office and remotely.

Duration. 4 weeks with 3 on-site workshops over this period.

Outcome. Positioning presentation, elevator pitch, messaging matrix, and implementation guidelines.


Co-Creation Workshops

Ideal Customer Mapping 

Competitor & Market Analysis

Capabilities Audit

Message Development

New Business Strategy

We define new business development strategies that improve and accelerate performance. To ensure successful change, we work with our clients to develop the tools, processes, and positioning to successfully implement the new plan.                                                             

Location. Your office and remotely.

Duration. Varies greatly. Anywhere from 2 days up to 2 months depending on the issue that needs resolving.

Outcome. New business strategy document with clear recommendations and implementation guidelines.

Target Setting and Forecasting

Target Market Definition & Positioning

New Business Process


Marketing & Lead Generation

Tools & Technology e.g. CRM

Personnel, Incentives & Compensation


For a carefully selected handful of agencies, James has become a consultant new business development director. His role is to formulate and drive through a business development plan and offer ongoing insight and advice to support business growth. 

Location. Your office and/or remotely.

Duration. Ongoing. Typically 12-18 months +

Outcome. Untapped insight and advice. An agreed contribution to your agency’s annual revenue target.


Full Strategic Review

Marketing & Lead Generation

Guidance on Pitches, Presentations & Proposals

Networking & Events

Identifying New Revenues Streams

International & New Sector Expansion

Make films
Open plan research
Red creative
Nepal youth foundation

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