Commercial expertise for agencies and creative entrepreneurs.

Why we exist

In an early stage startup the founders make the best business developers. 

Then comes a tricky period. Your MVP is complete and there is some seed or early series-A funding in the bank.

You’re looking for validation from the market and ideally some early revenue. You just can’t commit to your first commercial hire yet.

The Growth Consultancy is here to help.

- Our clients get access to senior business development expertise without having to commit to a large monthly salary.

- We’ve developed value propositions for over 50 businesses. A similar number of organisations engaged us to develop commercial plans and implement sales processes.

- We work quickly to understand your company’s offer, build a compelling narrative and create a pitch. 

- Combining process and technology we start engaging your market fast.

- Early revenue is key but equally important we also gather valuable market feedback. We feed this insight into the evolving value proposition.

Typical challenges we solve

How do we best articulate our value proposition?

Effectively articulating your value proposition and identifying a point of difference is the starting point of any new client journey. The Growth Consultancy works to understand what your customers need and how your business meets these needs. We then compellingly express these values ready for your market.

How do we develop our commercial process?

More often than not a start ups first paying customer is someone from their existing network. Sooner or later you will have to start casting a wider net. We work with you to get your business ready for market, arming you with tools, processes and knowledge required to start winning new clients.

How do we identify new revenue streams?

The Growth Consultancy can help your business identify new sectors and customer segments by repositioning existing or developing new products and services.

How do we hire the right sales talent?

We’ve hired dozens of sales people and helped numerous businesses with their selection process. We’re not a recruitment consultant - we’re here to ensure you hire the right person, help with remuneration packages, roles and responsibilities. 

Proposition Development

A compelling proposition is central to the success of any business. It transcends sales and is typically the starting point of our client engagements. Our unique approach helps you identify and then articulate the point at which your client's needs and your business’s capabilities intersect.

Location. Your office and remotely.

Duration. 4 weeks with 3 on-site workshops over this period.

Outcome. Proposition presentation, elevator pitch, messaging matrix and implementation advice.


Co-Creation Workshops

Ideal Customer Mapping 

Competitor & Market Analysis

Capabilities Audit

Message Development

Business Development Strategy

We define business development strategies that improve and accelerate performance. To ensure successful change, we work with our clients to develop the tools, processes and proposition to successfully make the new plan a reality.                                                          

Location. Your office and remotely.

Duration. Varies greatly. Anywhere from 2 days up to 3 months depending on the issue that needs solving.

Output. Sales strategy document with clear recommendations and implementation guidelines.                                                                 

Target Setting and Forecasting

Target Market Definition & Positioning

New Business Process


Marketing & Lead Generation

Tools & Technology e.g. CRM

Personnel, Incentives & Compensation


For a carefully selected handful of businesses, James has become a consultant business development director. His role is to formulate and drive through a business development plan and offer ongoing insight and advice to support business growth. 

Location. Your office and/or remotely.

Duration. Ongoing. Typically 12-18 months +

Output. Untapped insight and advice. An agreed contribution to your business’ annual revenue target.


Full Strategic Review

Marketing & Lead Generation

Guidance on Pricing

Networking & Events

Identifying New Revenues Streams

International and New Sector Expansion

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